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systemic, professional, good

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We are a team of various experts. What drives us and what we stand for is our way systemic thinking and analyzing. Together we combine consulting and developing competences in a unique way. Building on the experience gained over the past few years, working in the profit and non-profit sector.  


German, English, Spanish, Arabic, French
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Hochheim am Main, Wiesbaden

Organizational Development & Change

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Culture & Leadership

Our Passion

Corporate Values

What we believe in

Being poactive

We do believe, that there is there is hidden and yet undiscovered potential in every organization.

Being supportive

Discover, use and develop the potentials of your employees, that´s the key factor for sustainable success.

  • Be creative
  • Be innovative
  • Be professional
  • Be consistent
  • Be efficient
  • Be forgiving
  • Be customer oriented
  • Be optimistic

how it all started

Our legacy


the idea

As with everything new, there was an idea, influenced by all the so far made experiences and visions of what will be.

Spring 2015

the founding act

our label

The idea became reality. We set up our core values, generated our vision and developed our business model.

Summer 2015

The start

facing it

2015 - today

to be continued

alive, fresh & suprising

Thanks to our customers, partners and our exceptional team we are not going to stop driving our business to a new level. Following the rule of thumb "standstill is regression".


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