Change is what keeps us alive & innovative.

That´s how we work

Vision & Values

For us, transformation doesn´t mean to  stop where others would. Wherever it is helpful, we are going deep to achieve meaningful and sustainable change for our customers and their employees.

This can mean questioning what already exists, valuing achievements from the past and nevertheless establishing new goal-oriented systems & values. Always keeping in mind, to boost available resources and to profit from change effects.

We generate space for thinking out of the box and questioning uncommon questions. Giving the opportunity to change perspectives, to overcome existing thought and experience patterns.

On top of this we do support you during your innovation process, following these steps: ideate - define - investigate - iterate


Disruptive means for us daring brand new ways of thinking, positioning unexpected products. Instead of waiting too long and planning too detailed, we do prefer to have an immediate start using an agile prototyping approach, which will be adjusted on the fly.

This is how we can reduce the already existing high complexity in a wide range of business fields. Fails will be discovered in an early state and can be fixed fast and without binding too many resources. This is leading to a higher learning progress and market advantages.

We do believe that it needs a courageous attitude to succeed in todays challenges. Whether as leader by visionary leadership excellence & motivation, or as employee by strengthening the own self-responsibility.

Consistency and transparency due to our own strengths and weaknesses makes reliable and generates trust. This reduces the amount of energy put into interactions to keep up a certain self image for personal vanities. Due to this the common goal takes center stage. The result: flat hierarchy & more effective organizations.

It´s not the size of the dog, but the fight in him.

Range of Services


Generating Future Ideas

Werte & Leitbild

Orientierung in stürmischen Zeiten

Change Management

Wandel 3.0

Diversity Awareness & Interkulturelle Kompetenzen

Vielfalt an Lösungen & Möglichkeiten


Fokus schärfen - Ressourcen fördern


from Ego to Eco-Systems


Release the Champions within your company

Executive Coaching

Führungspotentiale nutzen


Klarheit vs. Verwirrung

Canvas Modelling

Strategische Entwicklung visualisieren

BGM Konzepte & Psychosoziale Unterstützungssysteme

Erfolgsfaktor gesunde Mitarbeiter

Leadership Excellence

Leading Future

People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.

Paulo Coelho

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